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Industrial Pack Machines

ulping system
Main equipments:pulper 1.7m3,22kw,1set;vibration screen 0.9m2,3kw,1set;mixer,2sets;pulp pump, water pump,control cabinet etc.

Forming system

Forming machine,1set;with 1 forming platen and 1 transfer platen;platen size: 800×660mm,forming effeciency:2-4cycles/min.vacuum auto drain system,mold cleaning system, control cabinet have been equipped.

Drying system
Outline dimension: 38080×1850×3600mm; single layer  conveying chain.Heated by unit  and the  temperature of each unit could be controlled independently;multi burners with French or Italian brand.The enery for option:LPG,GAS,diesel oil.Equiped with auto control cabinet.

Hot pressing system
Used  press the  products  after  drying;  1set; platen size: 600*480mm; power 6KW; with counter  and s afety protection appliance; The  pressure  and  temperature  can  be  adjusted. adopting  the gas-liquid  pressurized technology. Equipped with control cabinet.

Used for the  trimming  and tidying of the products. It can be selected according to the practical  requirement.

Subsidiary  Equipments

Vacuum pump,18.5kw, 1 set; air compressing system: air compressor (15kw, 1set), air dryer, air filter and air storage tank.


•Production line occupation:about 480m2.Requirement  for  the  workshop:height ≥4.5m,width≥12m, length≥40m.

•Total power for the production line: about120KW.
•Workforce for the production line:3-4/shift.

•Production capacity: about 0.5-1Ton/day( the capacity would be different for different products, this   data mentioned for reference)

•Main parts adopted are with International brand which are reliable in quality and convenient in after sales service. And energy saving is the most distinctive feature of HGHY eqipments compared with congener equipments internationally. 

•The supplier will be responsible for the instruction in installation,test running and training. Warranty: one year since finishing the installation.

•The equipments equipped in this production line are supposed to the production of nearly all of the pulp molded products.The details have been instructed in the quotation. For further inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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