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Automatic Rotary
Egg Tray / Carton Machine



 Mian Features 

The automatic rotary egg tray/carton machine is mainly applied for producing egg trays, egg packaging cartons, fruit trays, drinking cup carrier trays, bottle trays and other regular shape standard products and so on. Pulp molding production line with automatic rotary egg tray/carton machine as the forming system has the following features:

- The choice of cost-effective investment with quick returns
- Excellent performance of rotary forming technology
- Smaller area occupation with the same output
- Match with highly effective 6-pass dryer

 Mian Specifications 


XZ4-16040 / XZ8-16040 / XZ12-16040
XZ-19542 / XZ2-19542 / XZ8-19542


6 Faces Rotary Forming
6 Faces Rotary Transfer
With Forming Mold Washing and Product Flushing
Including an Automatic Device for Transfer Mold Cleaning
Optional Preheating Hood Available for Forming Mold

Platen Size

1200 x 400 mm
1600 x 400 mm
1600 x 560 mm
1950 x 420 mm
2350 x 420 mm

Forming Type

Rotary Forming

Forming Cycle

≤ 20 Blowoff / min

No. of Molds

Each Face 3pcs / 4pcs / 5pcs / 6pcs  (based on 30-egg tray)

Max. Product Height

70 mm

Matching Dryer
6 Layer Dryer

Control By

PLC + Touchscreen

Designed Capacity

1500 - 7200 pcs/hr  (based on 30-egg tray)


* The above specification is for reference only, due to continuous technology development, data will be updated from time to time.
* Pulp Molding Equipments are non-standard equipments, we are able to provide customized solution according to specific requirements from customer.
* Welcome to contact us anytime, our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.

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