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Egg Tray / Fruit Tray Machines

The pulp moulded egg tray making machine, fruit tray production line are made of waste paper such as used newspaper, waste carton, off-cut in paper making mills and printing factories. The pulp board is to some chemicals, the fiber in the pulp will cover the wiremesh of the mold with the effect of the vacuum. The wet blank becomes the finished products after drying, smashed in the hydrapulper and adjusted to a certain consistency. After being added hot pressing.

This production lines are suitable for the following products: 
Egg tray(30-cell)
Egg box/egg carton(6-cell, 10-cell, 12-cell, 6+6-cell, 15-cell, 18-cell and etc)
Fruit tray (for apple,tomato, pear and etc)
Cup carrier(4 pack and 2 pack)
Seeding tray

Some medical-care products and fixed shape(the design doesn't change frequently) pulp molding products with large quantity. 

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