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HGHY history

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Founded in September of 2000, HGHY Pulp Molding Pack Co., Ltd (hereinafter

referred to as HGHY) is a joint venture held by several professors from South

China University of Technology and the said university. Formerly recognized as

Hong Kong Yuan Long Group Company which founded in 1995, introduced pulp

molding production lines from Europe, applied in making pulp molding products,

was one of the earlies pulp molding product manufacturer in China. 


Joint restructured in 2000, HGHY started on researching, developing (R&D) and 2 manufacturing pulp

molding production lines. By absorbing advanced technologies from foreign equipments, with the fine science

research facilities, personnel and research funding support from South China University of Technology, as well

as many years of experience in the industry of manufacturing pulp molding products,HGHY successfully

developed a variety of pulp molding production lines of different specifications rapidly, which fits the Chinese

market and promotes the development of pulp molding industry in China.  


Today, HGHY has become the biggest pulp molding equipment supplier in China, with the most varieties and

specifications of equipments for pulp molding. HGHY is currently accounting for more than 60% of the total

sales of domestic market share. 


In 2002, HGHY was invited to the "World pulp molding technology seminar” held in the United States, and

demonstrated technical achievements and application examples of the recent years, and made a wonderful

speech, which attracted the attention of experts in the pulp molding industry from all over the world. The

experts were invited and visited HGHY one after another, making extensive exchanges of opinions on the topic

of how HGHY can be acting better on international convention, how to become more internationalized, which 

enable products from HGHY to enter the world's market rigidly. 


Since 2002, to ensure products innovation to meet the requirement of the international pulp mold industry

and leading position in this industry, our company will organize R&D personnel, marketing and sales

personnel to go abroad participating in kinds of technology seminars related with pulp mould industry,

visiting pulp molding factory abroad, attending related exhibitions etc.(Generally 5-10times per year)  

In the last three years, the export proportion of pulp molding production line have been reached more than

80% of total sales, distributing in everywhere around the world. etc.; Americas region: United States, Mexico,

Brazil, Argentina,Ecuador, Colombia etc.; Africa region: Cameroon, Egypt, Seychelles, Libya,Tunisia,

Morocco etc.; Asia region: Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia,Vietnam, Egypt, South Korea and Oceania 

Australia and more than forty countries. 


Currently,HGHY is the only one with all types of pulp molding equipments in the world,which can meet the

needs of vast majority of investors.Relying on advanced technology, excellent quality, competitive

price and good after-sales service, our company has become the most important equipment supplier in the

world pulp moulding industry HGHY owns subsidiaries of one machinery factory, one mold factory and one

research center of pulp molding technologies. With the headquarter located in the Science Park of South

China University of Technology. (in March 2012,we moved to International Creative Valley due to business

expansion.) The president JIAOPING Wu, professor of the papermaking college of South China University

of Technology, is mainly responsible for studying the integrated utilization of recycled fiber, namely

studies of pulp molding for over 15 years. She is also the vice-chairman of the China pulp molding

association, as well as the drafter of China Pulp Molding Industry Standards as followed:

Pulp Molding Egg Tray Production Line,Pulp Molding Industrial Packages Production line,

Pulp Molding Products, The IndustrialPackagesShe is genuinely the expert in the pulp molding

industry who has madeoutstanding contribution to the pulp molding industry in China.


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