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HGHY strength

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1.HGHY has developed nearly all types of pulp molding equipments used in the world

.Egg tray/carton, fruit tray  production line

.Industrial package production line

.Top-grade inner package production line

.Disposable Tableware Production line


2.High quality,considerate service have attracted customers all over the world,

such as France, Brazil, Thailand, the Czech Republic, United States, Algeria, Colombia, Nigeria, Ha Mailong, Mali, Malaysia, India, 

Indonesia, Vietnam, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Morocco, Turkey, Poland,Russia ,Mexico,Ecuador  ect.


3.NO.1 position of pulp molding industry in machinery and technology in China  


4.Leading position in pulp molding industry with comprehensive technology strength in the world  


5.The unique enterprise in China who has high speed egg tray production line and technology which can reach 40 drops/min



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