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HGHY will attend ABPAs International Poultry and Pork Show(SIAVS) in Aug 29th-31st 2017

Exhibition Name: ABPA's International Poultry and Pork Show(SIAVS)

Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Limanº1912 - Conj. 20L São Paulo . SP

Time: Aug 29th-31st 2017

Booth No.: 08B


HGHY will exhibit: the egg tray production line, tableware production line and industrial packaging production line in the exhibition. More there will be more showed in the video, fully and intuitively illustrated the running of the pulp molding equipment. We warmly welcome your coming.You will see more exciting information at the exhibition.

Focus on:egg tray machine,pulp molding machine, paper egg tray machine, paper pulp tableware machine,pulp thermoforming machine,pulp molding dies,etc.
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