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The reason why use pulp molding


Pulp molding is a combination of traditional and future’s modern packaging materials, and its impact on the environmental load is very small, with excellent cushioning performance, personalized design and 100% recycling capacity, make the products of pulp molded become the choice of many industrial manufacturers. As early as 100 years ago, packaging products made of formed paper fibers were available, and the first proposed for pressed fibers dates back to 1903. At the time, Martin Keys of Maine, USA, began producing pastry-formed panels. The idea of putting fresh eggs in a special pulp molded package emerged in 1931 because of the excellent shock absorption capacity of the resulting fibers. Since the 1990s, it has been widely used in industrial and packaging enterprises.

纸浆模塑包装不仅可以满足现代工业包装的要求,还可以减少NOx和COx的排放,从而最大程度地减少人类活动对环境的影响。这意味着模压纤维是一种可持续的产品,可以完全生物降解,并且符合ISO 14000和EU环境标准。因此,纸浆模塑包装将成为全球必然趋势。

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