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2019, year of Green Disposable Tableware


From the domestic situation, China's governments and regions at all levels, such as Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Macau, Hong Kong and Hainan, and the Ministry of Railways and the Ministry of Communications have also issued decrees to ban non-degradable foam plastic snacks.

From the international point of view, all plastic packaging materials are difficult to enter the international market, many countries in Europe and the United States have banned the use of plastic packaging and plastic tableware.

The transformation of a global plastic packaging product is gradually emerging, and the green packaging of “paper-based” has become the development trend of the world packaging industry. It is precisely when humans realize that “white pollution” is extremely harmful to the living environment and countries actively participate and respond. Human beings are eager to find green environmental substitutes, vigorously develop pulp molding technology, and produce green disposable tableware to be Alternatives to plastic tableware for gradually reducing or even eliminating the reuse of plastic products.

In order to prevent the recurrence of the "white pollution" tragedy, in the process of promoting paper tableware in various countries around the world, many experts compare the two in various aspects to see the pros and cons.

Analyze the environmental benefits of the two products: plastic products only have the effect of treating the symptoms, and paper tableware has the effect of treating the symptoms and curing the roots.

As a packaging material, plastic products have many advantages such as good waterproof, oil proof, good strength, light material, etc., and are durable and well-packaged materials. However, as a disposable package such as tableware, the disadvantage of being difficult to degrade is difficult to accept. The disposable paper tableware is easy to degrade, easy to handle. Compared with foam tableware, its environmental performance has incomparable advantages.


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