Egg Carton Machine 3000H1C



Consump. /hr



180 KG



245 KWh



1 Ton


Natural Gas

60 M3


0# Diesel Oil

50 KG 



50 KG 

7 Water Resist
2.5 KG


6 persons


Housing Rent


1. Pulp Preparation System

TFiber raw materials after manually weighing, are conveyed into the hydrapulper and mixed with water to form a slurry. The slurry will be pumped to different tanks for the purpose of additive mixing, dilution, cleaning, refining and so on, to become suitable for production of target products. The tanks are to be built above the ground level, and equipments all on above-ground level, for better energy-saving, cleanness and maintenance.

Pulp Preparation System

84.1 KW / 95.6 KW


55KW, 3m3, 4-6%

Impurity Separator


Consistency Controller


2. Forming System

The forming machine of HGHY’s XZ4-16040 is proven high efficient and reliable, with the unique air chamber design of HGHY’s own patent. Raw material forms into wet forms on the molds automatically, then it will be transferred to the drying line automatically for further process. There is one bath spray system for the wet forms, and one high pressure spray system for the empty molds, to ensuring good quality of products and cleaning of forming molds.

A preheating hood installed on the rotary, helping to save energy fuel consumption for later drying process, as well as minimizing deformation of products.

Forming Machine


Machine Type

Single Rotary

Motor Power

7.5 KW

Platen Size

1600 x 400 mm

Suction Molds

8 Sides x 4 Molds

Transfer Molds

1 Side x 4 Molds

Preheating Hood


3. Drying System

The drying line has 6 layers, products pass through on carriers driven by chains. The drying line heated by hot air which supplied by the air heater, heating fuel can be gas, diesel or LPG. Product moisture content will reduce from approx. 70% to 8% after the drying line, and then automatically are tipped off to a conveyor for going to stacking and packing system.

Drying System


Air Blower Power

30 KW

Number of Layers


Length of Drying Section

11 M

Fuel Options

Direct air heating by burner of Natural Gas, Diesel or LPG; Indirect air heating by boiler of thermal oil as intermedia heating by biomass or coal.
* Above drying system parameters to be increased when using steam boiler indirect heating system.

4. Conveying and Auto Hotpress System

Mechanic system greatly amplify pressure generated from servo motor. 
Pressure boosting structure release lower pressure at the beginning, and second stage booted it to 40mt. Create ideal surface condition, makes printing afterwards easy.

Compressed Air System

22 KW, 3.5m3/min

5. Molds

CNC processed tooling guarantee finished dimension the same to original samples.

Specific product design need to be confirmed as per samples provided by the Buyer.

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