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Industrial Finery Package Machine Manufacturer | HGHY

pulp thermoforming machine

Industrial Finery Package Machine


The pulp thermoforming machine can be applied to high-end electronic product packaging, cosmetics products packaging, high-end liquor packaging, high-added-value art, and crafts packaging, etc.


With auto thermoforming high quality IP machine as the main system, our pulp molding production line has the following features:

- High accuracy and stability
- Energy saving and eco-friendly
- High reliability and uniform of production running
- All-in-one design with fully automatic


As a professional pulp thermoforming machine manufacturer, HGHY's thermoforming packaging machine is of good quality and simple operation. Besides, our thermoforming packaging machine can also accurately fine-tune various aspects such as distance, pressure, and temperature. 


Small drafting angle to 0°, small round corner to R0.3;


Precise fine tuning for all aspects like distance, pressure and temerature;


Successfully developed and put into use by customers as early as 2002;


Set of complex papermaking and mold supporting and efficient production in one.

 Main Specifications 


ZJWD-9575 / ZJWD-14375


Forming Station x1,
Hot pressing Station x1,
with Product Discharge Station and Automatic Control System.

Platen Size

950 x 750 mm / 1430 x 750 mm

Forming Type


Heating Type

Electricity or Thermal Oil

Max. Pressure

35 Ton / 55 Ton, by Hydraulic Cylinder

Max. Product Height

100 mm

Product Transfer Type
Upper Platen Move Back And Forth Along the Guide Rail
Heating Plate Division
Depend on Products

Control By

PLC + Touchscreen

Designed Capacity

Depends on Products


* The above specification is for reference only. As technology is developed continuously, data will be updated from time to time.
* Pulp molding equipments are non-standard equipments. We offer customized solution according to your specific requirements.
* Welcome to contact us at anytime. Our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.


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