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Disposable Paper Plate Manufacturing Machine Supplier

paper plate making machine manufacturers

Paper Plate Manufacturing Machine


Mainly suitable for the production of disposable pulp molded tableware, bagasse pulp plate, paper food box, high-grade industrial shockproof packaging and other products. 


With auto thermoforming tableware all-in-one machine as the main system, our pulp molding production line has the following features:

- Especially suitable for large capacity production of a single product
- Bigger output per unit of area occupation
- Dynamic tolerance control for accuracy
- Can produce small draft angle product



Can produce free-trimming quality products


Smaller heating platen design, mold changing and maintenance work is faster to operate


The output of one single in-line hotpress is equal to 2 sets of traditional manual hotpress;


The main machine is designed with complete casting parts and connected by bolts to secure its sturdiness and durability.

 Main Specifications 




Forming Stage x1,
Hotpressing Stage x1,
Stacking Stage x1,
Automatic Control System x1.

Platen Size

1550 x 1250 mm

Forming Way


Heating Way

Thermal Oil or Electricity

Max. Pressure

65 Ton , by Hydraulic Cylinder

Max. Product Height

100 mm

Product Transfer Type
Upper Platen Move Back And Forth Along the Guide Rail by Servo Arm
Heating Plate Division
2 - 10 pcs

Control By

PLC + Touchscreen

Designed Capacity

700 - 1000 KG/Day


* The above specification is for reference only, due to continuous technology development, data will be updated from time to time.
* Pulp molding equipments are non-standard equipments, we are able to provide customized solution according to specific requirements from customer.
* Welcome to contact us anytime, our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.


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