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Industrial Pulp Moulding Machine Manufacturer | HGHY

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Auto Pulp Moulding Machine


The auto / semi auto industrial packaging machine is mainly applied for producing all kinds of ordinary industrial packaging shock-proof products, like furniture corner protector, home appliance and electronics packaging, auto parts packaging and so on. 


Pulp molding production line with auto / semi auto industrial packaging machine as the main system has the following features:

- All kinds of platen sizes could be customized upon demand
- Lower cost of matching with molds
- Simple and flexible operation and maintenance
- Natural drying or drying tunnel or single layer dryer as optional


Established in 1995, HGHY has rich experience in manufacturing pulp molding machine. The pulp molding machines we produce are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and have a long service life. All the functions will meet your expectations.


One of the drafters of China pulp molding machine, also the model of technical innovation;


Provides a large number of production systems with a complete solution for famous electronics packaging;


Owns all machine types for industrial packaging, focusing on customer value;


The earliest pulp molding equipment which is put into use has been over 10 years and still is in regular production. 



XW-4040, XW2-6650, XW2-7555, XW-8060, XW-10765
Upper mold move-out:
XW-8666Y, XW2-12066Y, XW-15075Y, XW-150130Y, XW-160145Y
Dryer matching auto machines:
XW-12075S, XW-16066S, XW-19066S, XW-135125S, XW-150130S


Forming Upper Platen x1,
Forming Lower Platen x1,
If Platen size is bigger, upper platen move out automatically,
Or to match with dryer by auto feeding

Platen Size

400 x 400 mm / 660 x 500 mm / 750 x 550 mm / 800 x 600 mm / 1070 x 650 mm / 860 x 660 mm / 1200 x 660 mm / 1500 x 1300 mm / 1600 x 1450 mm / 1200 x 750 mm / 1600 x 660 mm / 1900 x 660 mm / 1350 x 1250 mm / 1500 x 1300 mm

Forming Type


Max. Product Height

150 mm  (individual model max. 250mm)

Matching Dryer
Natural drying or drying tunnel or single layer dryer as optional

Control By

PLC + Touchscreen

Designed Capacity

Depends on Products


* The above specification is for reference only, due to continuous technology development, data will be updated from time to time.
* Pulp molding equipments are non-standard equipments, we are able to provide customized solution according to specific requirements from customer.
* Welcome to contact us anytime, our professional team will provide more effective help and supports for you.


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