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How to make a better egg packaging?

 During the long time contacts of all customers who was investing egg packaging projects, a topic has been always mentioned, how to make a better egg packaging? Or what kind of egg packaging is better selling for consumers?

 As a main force of the egg tray and egg carton packaging machine and technology provider, it has been our hope to provide full support and help for our customers in the egg tray and egg carton projects, it is believed that the success of our customers is our ultimate goal. 

 So we take reference of the Europe and America countries, after long-term following up some most professional organization, here we got some very good perspective to share: 

 A Road Map to A Better Egg Package


 1,Eliminate confusion

 - Consumers only look on the shelf for 3-5 seconds;

 - Identify and focus only on the most stimulating information;

 - Appropriate white space will attract more consumers' attention.

 2,Design theme

 Compared with today's egg packaging, there are two designs that are most attractive and have a lot of room for improvement:

 - The theme of nutritional value, which helps increase egg consumption;

 -The theme of farm or nature can help the delivery eggs feel fresh and natural, but please be careful not to mislead consumers if they are not real organic eggs or non-cage eggs.

 3,Putting data directly in front makes people feel more at ease

 Displaying the main nutritional content of the egg directly in front of the package will work regardless of the theme.


 4,Carefully selected picture on the packaging

 - Icon or some abstract pattern would be more popular;

 - Consumers don't need to see real eggs, they know it's just an egg box.


 5,Avoid using cooked eggs with pictures

 Boiled eggs with maps can easily alienate one of these categories of consumers who don't like this particular practice.


 Selection of bright, thick, attractive colors to attract attention;

 Green is particularly popular because it gives consumers fresher hints.

 7,Egg box internal printing can promote more eggs

 - 79% of consumers feel interested in the printed information inside the egg cartons;

 - "How to make poached eggs" is the most searched egg recipe;

 - Potential to promote more eggs if it contains simple eating steps.

 8,The most important thing is the egg box design

 - Egg box design is the key to achieving all of the recommended points above;

 - Font selection, colors, layout of elements, etc;

 - The packaging is beautiful or not. Looking at the new is not new. It is not special. Is it clean and simple.

 Right indeed, making a superior quality egg packaging, is the first key to fulfill the above, but you have got nothing to worry about, if you are interested, feel free to contact HGHY, and we will provide our most professional and delicate complete solution for your egg packaging production! 

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