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Pulp Molding Machines Usher in New Opportunities in the Indian Market

 With the boom of international “prohibition of plastic use”, a global transformation of plastic packaging products is emerging. Nowadays, many manufacturers use pulp molding packaging, especially in the mobile phone industry. Under this trend, "paper-based plastic packaging" green packaging has become the critical knowledge world's packaging industry.

 New Opportunity

 Due to the promotion of the "Made in India" plan, Noida, the "Made in India" center, will produce 300 million mobile phones annually in the next five years. It is estimated that by 2025, India will generate 1 billion mobile phones each year, 30% of which will be produced in the region.

 According to the 2019 National Electronic Product Policy, of the 1 billion mobile phones, 600 million mobile phones are expected to be exported. This policy will be conducive to promote the circulation of the entire electronic manufacturing (ESDM) production chain in the Indian country.

 The survey has shown that India produced 290 million mobile phones in the last two years, most of which came from the Noida-Greater Noida region.

 The increase of mobile phone production is followed by the prosperity of mobile phone packaging industry. In this way, high-quality pulp molding machine will usher in new opportunities for development In the Indian market.

 Market Prospect

 With lower labor but strong production capacity, Chinese pulp molding machines have more competitive advantages than those of other countries. They were much welcomed by Indian merchants and expressed more purchase intentions.


 In China and Vietnam, Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phone manufacturers have packaged mobile phones in pulp molded packaging. The packaging box of the mobile phone is produced through a high-quality work bag production line.

 Samsung established its most extensive mobile phone factory in District 81 in 2018. It is expected to double its production capacity in Noida by 2020, from 68 million to 120 million.

 OPPO currently has a plant in Greater Noida that produces an average of 50 million smartphones annually. Sumit Walia, vice president of product at OPPO India, stated that they also plan to double the output to 100 million units by next year.

 Vivo established a new manufacturing plant in Greater Noida in early November 2019 as part of its investment of Rs 750 crore in India. The current output is 25 million units, and it is ready to produce more than 33 million units per year.

 The importance attached to the brand image of smartphone suppliers and environmental awareness leads to a pulp molding production line of the packaging, which means that the pulp molding machine will have great market potential lasting for a long time in the Indian market.


 Our hot-selling product, fully automatic integrated high-end industrial packaging boutique machine, is suitable for the production of paper-molded high-end electronic consumer product packaging.


 In addition to that, it is suitable for producing products with a low draft angle, with a mold angle as low as 0.5 degrees and a corner radius as small as 0.3. Moreover, the pulp molding production line has high operating stability and fully-automatic integrated machine design, which can achieve complete and precise control of various performances.

 As a leading supplier specializing in China, products produced by us have strong competitiveness. Aiming to provide customers with better products and more special services, our company insists on continuous innovation and R & D. 

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