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The Development Prospect of Pulp Molding

 Pulp molding is a 3D stereo paper making technology using waste paper to make products. Due to its environmental virtues and portability, this technology has got great attention as the focus of the development of the packaging industry. Pulp molding packaging as a new packaging trend has promising development in recent years. So, we have made the following analysis for the market development prospect.


 In fact, pulp molding in China started relatively late. As a result, domestic technology is more commonly applied in the packaging of egg tray, fruit tray, tableware, and so on. Along with the mature of domestic pulp molding market, pulp molding has been able to meet the basic packaging requirements of most products, continuing to enter more areas, such as children’s toys, medical appliances, packaging for both auto parts and daily necessities. 

 Such rapid development is inseparable from people's raising attention to environmental protection because it is an environmentally friendly technology. Not only did the pulp molding realize the utilization of resources and waste reduction, but also its equipment does not produce any pollutants in the entire production process.

 In addition, through the domestic innovation of equipment and technology, the energy consumption of the pulp molding equipment is half less than that of the imported equipment, realizing the "green production" in environmental protection. 

 The materials used in pulp molding are mostly annual herbaceous plants, which will not waste precious forest resources. Molded products produced through processing are also environmentally friendly and reusable. Even if the waste is not recycled, it can degrade itself and be used as fertilizer for the land. 

 In contrast, traditional plastic packaging has caused irreparable pollution in the environment all over the world. Millions of tons of plastic waste will be dumped into the sea or landfills every year. But it takes more than 400 years for a plastic bottle to break down, and less than a fifth of the world's plastic is now recyclable. 

 In order to reduce environmental pollution, countries around the world have implemented a ban on plastic. More and more enterprises, especially those in Europe and America, are actively looking for pulp molding materials to replace the packaging of their products to meet the requirements of environmental protection.


 Some supermarkets will charge for using plastic bags instead of offering them freely in the past. There are now even some companies willing to provide free cartons to reduce the use of plastic packaging. 

 Thus, when we try to reduce the pollution caused by plastic or even resist plastic packaging, the environmental advantages of pulp molding become more prominent. 

 Combined with the analysis above, we can draw a conclusion that pulp molding technology has become an inevitable trend of social development. With its advantages of economic, pollution-free and advanced technology, it will play a critical role in protecting the natural environment and promoting economic development. At the same time, under the background of global plastic ban, more and more enterprises prefer pulp molding packaging. 

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