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Molded Pulp Tableware Packaging Industry Flourishes under Consumer Demand

 The shift of consumers' purchasing behavior from offline to online comes with the vigorous development of the Internet over the years. Under such a trend, packaging has become a representative in the logistics industry, having a close tie with consumers. Especially in the express delivery and the take-out industry, thousands of packing boxes are consumed every day.

 Accordingly, abundant packaging waste followed, resulting in a large area of environmental pollution. In the past, the widespread use of traditional packaging such as plastics and foam caused different degrees of pollution to the soil, water, and atmosphere because they are not degradable and unrecyclable. Besides, traditional packaging such as plastic has great harm to people's health. With the fear of climate change and physical health, consumers in mounting numbers begin to pay attention to environmental protection.

 Packaging defines the brand and provides important information for consumers. Therefore, sustainability is a critical issue for all companies that use packaging, regardless of their position in the supply chain. Because of the continuous improvement of consumers' understanding of the life cycle and environmental protection of purchased products, enterprises begin to look for more environmentally friendly green packaging. 

 Green packaging refers to the packaging made of sustainable materials and remains safe and effective to the human body and environment throughout its life cycle, after which its constituent materials should be fully recyclable and degraded to form closed manufacturing and use cycle.

 Molded pulp packaging is a new type of green packaging solution that takes plant fiber, such as sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, wood pulp, as raw material, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable. As molded pulp packaging is directly compressed by a hot pressing process without excessive energy consumption and tedious procedures, the pulp molding production line is also a green manufacturing chain. It can bring not only social benefits but also bring considerable economic returns on investment. 

 Molded pulp packaging has been recommended by different international environmental protection organizations and won consumers' hearts, thus replacing traditional packaging and providing enterprises with opportunities to participate in sustainable practice. In the catering industry, consumers now prefer to choose restaurants that can provide molded pulp tableware rather than plastic boxes. For instance, McDonald's announced that its packaging will be 100% renewable and recyclable by 2025. 

 Green packaging is popular in recent years, which is expected to reach 313.93 billion US dollars by 2025, and with a compound annual growth rate of 5.7% in the forecast period from 2020 to 2025.  

 Sustainability and health play a greater role in consumer purchasing decisions than in the past, driving changes and technological progress of pulp molding in the packaging industry. Through active research, some packaging enterprises have finally realized transformation and developed a new pulp molding production line, which can significantly improve the molded pulp packaging quality and performance.

 HGHY is one of the practitioners of green packaging, adhering to the original intention of protecting the environment and putting consumers' demands in the first place. Our pulp molding machines are the best solution for the respond to the green environment.

 Founded in 2000, HGHY has been committed to the research and development of pulp molding technology. We provide consumers with sophisticated disposable pulp molding tableware, bagasse pulp boards, pulp molding boxes, and other molded pulp products with fully automatic bagasse pulp machines, which can realize remote monitoring of the production process.

 If you are interested in renovating the way of producing eco-friendly packaging, the team at HGHY will provide you with the professional assistance you may need.

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