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Factors to Consider Before Investing in Pulp Molding Egg Tray Production Lines

 In recent years, the vigorous promotion and practice of concepts concerning the closed recycling economy and eco-friendly economy have gradually pushed the product packaging transforming into green packaging materials. What is obvious is that the pulp molding egg tray is garbing more and more market share in the egg food packaging industry and gradually replaces other packaging such as EPS foam and plastics. The truth is there is no more environmentally-friendly packaging solution than pulp molding products.

 According to the survey data, not only the government but also the vast majority of consumers prefer to choose green packaging, such as fully degradable molded pulp packaging. Pulp molding egg tray, as the initial product in the pulp molding industry, has completely changed the process of egg packaging, storage, and transportation. Due to the increasing demand for eggs, the egg tray making machine has become the dividend of the packaging industry.

 The global sales of molded fiber pulp packaging exceeded 6 billion US dollars in 2005, and it is expected to reach nearly 11.5 billion US dollars by 2026. With the growth of demand, many packaging manufacturers begin to invest in pulp molding egg tray production lines. 

 Although success is predictable, there are still risks for investors.

 Risk of Investing in Pulp Molding

 The installation models being part of the pulp molding production line are variegated. Here we take the egg tray pulp molding machine as an example. We will look at what risks you need to bear for establishing a pulp molding production line.

 Technology Development

 When it comes to purchasing an egg tray making machine, the investment amount can vary from a few thousand dollars to millions. The sum is based on the machinery type. Currently, there are three main versions: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic egg tray machine. For proceeding with such a venture, you need to consider what kind of machine fits your needs better. Picking the cheapest option here may turn out not to be the best choice in the long term.

 The quality of the equipment employed in manufacturing directly reflects on the end product. Superior machinery can make stronger and less deformed items. Furthermore, it can be versatile in the processing, making all operations more productive. 

 Raw materials, Water and Electricity Supply

 Another critical aspect to examine is connected to the raw materials supply chain. To have the best results, you shall manage your operating costs carefully. While poor quality or contaminated waste paper can make you save money, they will create inferior products. This eventuality can make your target client directly search for a new supplier.

 On the other hand, we have the water and electricity supply. Pulp molding production lines require high amounts of water to complete the process. The water needs to be clean of impurities. As a matter of fact, dirty water can impair the pulp molding machine and affect the molded pulp packaging consistency. As for energy supply, most automated pulp molding production lines rely on electricity to operate. Thus, make sure for your company to be located where it is easy to acquire all these resources.


 Fierce Competition

 Stringent regulations and the increasing emphasis on sustainable development are driving the growth of global molded pulp packaging market. However, with growth, competition is also increasing rapidly. Not only local vendors, but well-established industry leaders also face intense competition now.

 The increasing automation and centralization of egg carton-making process are also responsible for the cutthroat competition for a larger market share. As a result, poorly managed manufacturing plants can quickly go out of business. Further, there is no room for price reduction due to the highly automated process.

 For those who want to enter the industry, it is suggested to conduct some market research first, evaluate the competition trend, and seek experts in the field of green packaging technology for cooperation and innovation, so as to reduce the investment risk.

 HGHY automatic egg tray machine is a cutting edge piece of equipment able to manufacture customized and standardized items such as egg packaging cartons, fruit trays, drinking cup carrier trays, and bottle trays. The machinery has excellent performance of rotary forming technology. The secret is its compactness, designed for smaller area occupation but maintaining the same output of larger installations. The machine features make it the optimal choice of cost-effective investment with a quick return.



 To sum up, to compete in this field, you need to look at the latest technologies. At HGHY, we have over 20 years of experience in pulp molding production lines. Our team is devoted to research and manufacture high standard pulp molding machines. During these years of continued innovation, we were able to expand our presence worldwide in over 40 countries.

 If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of implementing pulp molding technology, HGHY welcomes the chance to provide you with professional advice.


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