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The Development of Paper Pulp Tableware Beyond COVID-19

During the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, the increasing popularity of personal protective equipment (PPE) is out of expectation. PPE has become the focus of attention in the first half of the market as the rapid increase in the production and import of masks, gloves and protective clothing.


 However, what worries us are not only the rocketing use of plastic directly driven by the COVID-19, but also hinder in tackling the problem of plastic pollution as containing the pandemic being the most urgent task for all countries.

 Well, here comes a question about the prohibition of plastic: can the promotion of disposable paper pulp tableware replacing the plastic tableware continue?

 The answer is definitely YES!

 People enjoy a series of benefits by using disposable tableware made by the paper plate making machine. Compared with traditional steel tableware, the price of disposable paper pulp tableware is much lower. In addition, the world is moving closer to environmental food, disposable tableware is the best choice. Biodegradable tableware is produced by environmental protection technology. No toxin is used in the production or final product, which is healthy for the body. Unlike plastics, paper pulp tableware is biodegradable, and they reduce pollution.



 Reasons for increasing use of paper pulp tableware beyond COVID-19

 It is urgent to use disposable paper pulp tableware instead of disposable plastic tableware followed the extensive use of plastics during the period of containing the pandemic.

 1. Rising environmental awareness to redefine paper pulp disposable tableware market

 Plastic pollution has led to a terrible situation that some organisms have become extinct and it even threatens the survival of human beings. It arouses the environmental awareness among consumers and spur people to take environmental protection and health into consideration when choosing tableware. 

Due to the adverse impact of disposable plastic tableware on the environment and the rising environmental awareness among consumers, the disposable paper pulp tableware based on natural fiber or pulp has become the focus of attention. It is expected to become the representative of leading the next packaging trend.

 2. The outbreak of COVID-19 pushes sustainability becoming a priority

 COVID-19 has pushed a new normal in packaging. With the outbreak of COVID, sustainability has become an important concern for food hygiene, which directly leads to the surge of pulp molding market regarding the paper plate making machine and paper pulp tableware.

 Sustainability is a priority for most consumer goods companies. For example, DIAGE decided to change the product packaging of its Johnny Walker brand to paper pulp bottles, and begin to practice in the spring of 2021. McDonald also announced that its disposable food packaging will be 100% recyclable by 2025. 


 3. Online shopping and take-out service boom the utilization of paper pulp tableware

 The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed the consumer behavior. Online shopping and take-out services have become an important way for us to relief negative emotions and solve daily life problems because we are not allowed to go out for a quick containing of the epidemic. The change of consumer behavior urges a vast majority of manufacturers to excessively package their products for more novel and prominent, resulting in serious plastic pollution and waste of resources.

 In order to stop the plastic pollution and waste of resources, many countries have issued political decrees on banning plastics and recycling resources, which has created a good external environment for the development of paper pulp tableware.

 4. Competitive Landscape of disposable paper pulp tableware market

 Because of the predictable benefits of pulp molding technology, the players in the market of paper plate making machines are increasing making market competition very fierce. Small businesses in developing economies such as India are also increasingly entering the pulp molding market to meet the demand of the overseas market. With the ban on disposable plastic tableware in some European countries, some companies, such as HGHY, with advanced paper plate making machines are trying to meet the huge opportunity of disposable tableware. The competitiveness of the market has led to an increase in the production of paper pulp tableware, making them easily accessible to businesses in the foodservice industry.


 HGHY is one of the players in the paper pulp tableware market that has made the transition possible. An HGHY paper plate making machine can be used to produce disposable paper pulp tableware, high-grade industrial shockproof packaging, bagasse pulp plates, and paper food boxes, to mention a few. HGHY paper plate making machines are efficient, durable, adjustable, and superior to other products available in the market. They are ideal for large capacity production and are also capable of producing small draft angle paper pulp tableware with high accuracy.

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