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How to Maintain Fully Automatic Egg Tray Machine for Optimal Performance

Protein is the basis of life activities possessing a variety of physiological functions. For a healthy body, protein intake should be appropriate but avoid too much or too little.


 The vast majority of people will buy eggs to ensure the daily supplement of protein needed by the human body. The egg is a kind of economical food with rich protein. According to incomplete statistics, the amount of eggs needed every day in China is 1 billion. It is such a huge market demand that needs mounting numbers of packaging for transportation. In this case, the production capacity of the paper egg tray making machine may have to be upgraded to meet the packaging demand required by the egg market.

 At present, paper egg tray making machines have been transformed from manual to automatic as the result of the development of market and technology. A fully automatic egg tray machine uses waste paper as its raw material to make paper trays. The paper egg tray making machine consists of three key sections, i.e., pulp system, forming system, and drying system. To make egg trays, waste paper, the raw material, will be transformed into the required pulp by the pulp system, and the wet embryo of the egg tray is formed through the molding process. Finally, the wet embryo will be dried by the drying system. 

 In order to keep a stable production of pulp molding equipment, we not only need to be familiar with the whole process but also pay attention to the maintenance work after use. Because through long-term equipment maintenance, we will also benefit from three aspects:

 Optimal Performance &Quality Control

 The strict adherence to maintenance ensures that the product would be of high quality in the long term. It will lower the malfunction frequency in the fully automatic egg tray machine and ensure high and long-term productivity, stability, and long service life for the machine.



 Economic Benefits

 The continuous maintenance will lower the wear and tear incidents within the fully automatic egg tray machine, bringing down the operational cost. It will also produce high-quality products, thereby allowing us to retain and grow the company's customer base. This will help healthy cash flow on the balance sheet.


 Safety has become a crucial parameter in modern industrial practices. Fully automatic egg tray machine functioning is no exception to it. Safety ensures that all parts are functioning well, not to have blow-ups of either parts or the entire machine. This, in turn, creates a safe working environment and also safe capital by increasing machine life.


 Now the question comes to how to maintain a fully automatic egg tray machine? There are four steps to maintain a fully automatic egg tray machine.


 • Keep Neat& Clean

 Whether you are working with a tool or an accessory, or a workpiece nearby, ensure that all the tools and surrounding environment are clean. Do not forget to follow the guidelines specified by the manufacturer.

 The paper egg tray making machine must not only be cleansed from the outside but also from the inside too. The dust present within the machine can hamper its ability in the long run, so the machine must be serviced from time to time. This dust also affects the eggs that will be present on the trays.

  • Regular Inspection


  To ensure the uninterpreted function of a fully automatic egg tray machine and the safety of those working, always designate professionals to inspect the machine periodically. These professionals should be well aware of the parts and functioning of the machine.


  • Keep Good Lubrication


  To lower the friction and noise between mechanical parts and the smooth function of a fully automatic egg tray machine, apply lubricant to make the surfaces smooth. Keep in mind that oil provided by the manufacturer must be prioritized for Lubrication.



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