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Why Molded Pulp Is the Most Demanded Sustainable Packaging Material

The capricious weather influenced by the aggravation of global plastic environmental pollution in recent years threatens the survival of human beings. In order to solve the problem of plastic environmental pollution, governments of all countries advocate enterprises and individuals to actively participate in environmental construction and decide to implement measures from the source of production. Therefore, the plastic packaging industry urgently seeks new materials to realize the transformation of environmental friendly production. In this case, many manufacturing companies increasingly use molded pulp as the preferred material for packaging.


 Why has molded pulp become the preferred packaging material for many manufacturing companies? And with the influx of many manufacturing companies to the paper and plastic industry, which direction will the molded pulp packaging industry go into development in the future?

 What is Molded Pulp packaging material?

 Molded pulp for protective packaging, which is often called molded fiber is a type of packaging material made from recycled papers or other natural fibers like sugar cane, wheat sticks, or bamboo. Molded pulp for protective packaging comes in handy for use as food service trays and beverage carriers. They are also used for caps, trays, plates, bowls, and clamshells. Other use cases are in hardware packing and machiners. Molded pulp for protective packaging is considered sustainable because it comes from renewable sources.


 Molded pulp is the new trend in the packaging industry. 

 Through the consumption statistics, people's attitudes to consumption tend to green and environmental protection. Followed by consumer’s attitudes and the consideration of environment, Pepsi even replaced the plastic ring with recycled molded pulp ring on the cans and a mass production of recycled molded pulp ring in Sacramento, California is going on. Molded pulp not only improves the brand awareness of enterprises, but also reduces the production cost of molded pulp raw materials as it is recyclable and environment-friendly.


 Molded pulp is biodegradable, so they pose no threat whatsoever to the environment or animal life. Pepsi says this move would help achieve their goal of making all their packaging recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable by 2025.

 Other food companies like Nestle, Danone, Dasani, and Mars are all paying close attention to recycle molded pulp packaging, and announced a gradual reduction in the use of plastics but the production of compostable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

 In 2019 the molded pulp packaging market size was USD 3.4 billion, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% expected by 2026.


 Benefits of Molded Pulp Packaging over other packaging methods 

 As strong product demand requires a sustainable means through which these products are packaged. The use of a recycle paper pulp molding machine perfectly fulfills these needs. The molded pulp packages produced by pulp molding machine have their overwhelming advantages in addition to the mentioned above when compared other packages such as plastic and foam. Other benefits that have spearheaded the rise in demand for molded pulp packaging include:

 ● The fact that it is environmentally friendly. Manufacturing companies can easily recycle it and reuse it, and when it is not recycled it is biodegradable hence causing minimum damage to the environment.

 ● Its raw materials are inexpensive and readily available 

 ● It is designed to reduced shipping and storage cost

 ● The pulping process is chemical-free

 ● The water used for pulping is not wasted as all water evaporates or is reused in the pulping process

 ● There is zero manufacturing waste as all scrap is returned to a pulp for reuse


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