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How to Maintain Automatic Paper Plate Machines to Get Excellent Performance?

Molded pulp tableware is an ideal substitute for EPS tableware and a useful tool in the food industry. They not only revolutionize the way disposable plates are made but are also good for the environment. With the plastic ban implementation in various countries, molded pulp tableware has gradually entered the public and stir up a hot discussion. However, most of the existing paper plate manufacturing machines encounter some problems, such as a low degree of automation, high production cost, and different degrees of pollution in the production process. It exerts great influence on the market competitiveness of products and restricts the development of the pulp molding industry.


 In order to reduce the cost of tableware production, protect the environment and improve the efficient performance of paper plate making machines, it is particularly urgent to turn into the automatic production line. In this paper, we will find the solution by analyzing some technical errors in the making process of the paper plate.

 The manufacturing process of the paper plate can be divided into six processes: pre-forming, hot forming, trimming, quality inspection, disinfection, and blanking. Because the molding time of the paper plate is different from that of hot pressing, and the molding time is about half of the hot pressing time, the automatic paper plate machine adopts a combined overall structure of one molding station and two hot pressing setting stations. However, the main problem encountered by paper plate manufacturers in the production process can be attributed to the inefficient performance of each process leading to mechanical failure of the machine, which affects the quality of the paper plate.

 Some common causes of these situations include manufacturers' lack of regular maintenance and upgrading of their automatic paper plate machines. In the fierce market competition, the obsolete equipment is not conducive to the manufacturers to carve up market share, so to maintain and upgrade the equipment regularly makes sense.

 Improvement of the forming mold

 The paper plate is usually made of recycled paper or other natural fibers (such as sugarcane, wheat stick, or bamboo). These pulps have the characteristics of high fiber content, poor formability, poor water filtration, high adhesion, and ease to stick to the net, which leads to the difficulty of forming. Therefore, manufacturers need to upgrade and improve the mold regularly according to the requirement so that the pulp is easy to form and demold. Besides, the mold designed as an adjustable combination mold helps to improve the accuracy of each process and facilitate the installation and maintenance of the mold.

 Upgrade of the hot pressing device

 In the manufacturing process of the paper plate, the energy consumption cost accounts for a large part of the manufacturing cost, up to 30%, so manufacturers must maintain and upgrade the hot pressing device regularly. By employing professional technicians or original equipment manufacturers to maintain the hot pressing device, the embryo will be heated more evenly, and the quality of final products will be better. Regular maintenance of the automatic paper plate machine is also conducive to reducing heat consumption so that your production costs are greatly reduced.

 Maintenance of conveyor system


 The conveyor system of the paper plate making machine includes the transfer, loading, and unloading of the raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products from the forming mold, the setting mold to the finished product transfer machine. It plays an important role in the production process. Manufacturers need to regularly review the conveyor system, including the conveyor belt, conveyor control center, and conveyor equipment. This may be a big project, but it is an essential step to ensures efficient production and stable income for you.

 Softening of the small parts

 You have to keep an eye on some of the small parts of the automatic paper plate machines. It is important not only to lubricate the machine parts from time to time but also to change them on time. Moreover, the type and quality of the oil must be in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. To ensure the proper maintenance of the paper plate making machine and the safety of users, select skilled workers who are responsible for the maintenance of the parts. They are well versed in the operation and assembly of components and know how to maintain all equipment.


 Molded pulp tableware has seen its broad development prospects, which leads paper plate manufacturers into fiercer market competition. Equipped with a high-quality automatic paper plate manufacturing machine is the first step to gain a firm foothold in the fierce competition. HGHY is a professional pulp molding machine manufacturer and supplier with rich experience and global partners in the field of pulp molding. If you want to set foot in the pulp molding industry or explore the advanced technology of pulp molding machines, HGHY welcomes such a valuable opportunity.

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