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HGHY - Excellent Program Manager's Ability Training Successfully Ended

 In order to further enhance the professional diathesis and management level of the company's management personnel, broaden the management's vision and better spur the team to work efficiently. From November 16th to 17th, 2019, HGHY organized the training activities on the theme of "HGHY - Managerial competency training for excellence programs". And specially invited Luo Wei, the teacher of the Aifang Learning Institute, as the lecturer of this class, and organized the HGHY Headquarters, Huagong Xiangyuan Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Center, Huagong Jiayuan Catering Equipment and All the managers of the mold manufacturing center carried out the special training of managerial ability.

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 The training course uses case analysis, scenario simulation, interactive learning, and game play. The lecturer Luo Wei uses vivid explanations from the corporate mission, the role of the manager, professionalism, goals, planning, execution and time management, stress release and communication skills, employing, empowering and motivating the art. Through the deductive and management cases of tools, combined with the problems in enterprise management, put forward practical solutions.

 In the process of explaining the case, Teacher Luo took the lectures seriously and took notes on some key points.

 The study group actively participated in the discussion


 During the Q&A session, the participants enthusiastically answered and the atmosphere was enthusiastic.


 During class breaks, the students communicated with each other and took photos.

 Each group carefully prepared performances such as chorus, dance, martial arts, and painting in the talented PK session.

The champion team won and the chairman presented the award.

After the training, Ms. Wu Jiaoping, the chairman of the board, concluded her speech.

Believe that by this training will enhance the management ability of the trainees to a new height, achieve professional growth, form a cohesive team, and jointly create a beautiful future for HGHY family.

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