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HGHY | 2020 Chinese New Year Meeting

The golden pig quits, and the squirrel welcomes the Chinese New Year.

Life needs some sense of ritual,

Remind us of the coming of the new year.

At noon on January 11th, 2020,

All employees of HGHY gathered together,

Summarize the past and look to the future with an annual feast,

Together to welcome the arrival of 2020.

Moderator opens with enthusiasm

Message from the Chairman

New Year's Message from Chairman Wu Jiaoping

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Ms. Wu Yanping, chairman of HGHY Group, delivered a warm new year speech.

While expressing her heartfelt thanks to the employees of the whole group, Ms. Wu also hope that in the new year, we will work together to meet the difficulties, create brilliant achievements, and write a new chapter of Huagong Huanyuan's beauty!

Ms. Wu toasts to all employees

Recognition and Award Ceremony

HGHY has come all the way without the hard work of each employee. Some people choose behind the scenes and dedicate silently; others take the stage and take on the burden of the development of HGHY.

They encouraged each other, sweated all the way through, and passed the challenge all the way, led the team to achieve good results, and made a fortune in the development history of HGHY.

Outstanding Team Award

Advanced Team Award

HGHY technology pacesetter

HGHY Craftsman

Outstanding Cooperation Award

The beautiful color scheme shows the splendor

Our annual meeting is not only about eating and drinking, but also handsome guys and beautiful girls, singing and dancing.

The program of the annual meeting was colorful. A song from Guanghan Palace, a love story in Guangdong, and my motherland company brought the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.

Dance "You look so nice"

Poetry recitation "for tomorrow"

Chorus "It will be better tomorrow"

Clarinet and Dance "Moonlight in the City"

Solo "Guang Han Palace"

Magic show

Sketch "Let's Talk"

Song "Guangdong Love Story"

Song "My Motherland"

Sign Language Exercise "I Believe We Will Create Miracles"

Lottery Ring Festival

The lottery of the annual meeting is definitely indispensable. This is also the most anticipated annual meeting program, and it brings the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.

Recognition Thanksgiving Award

Recognition Thanksgiving Award

Spark Ebara Award

Spark Ebara Award

Lucky prize

Sponsorship Award

Wonderful moment

The new year opens up new hopes. In the future, we will, as always, we are working hard. We are all dreamers. In 2020, HGHY Group will not forget its original intention, move forward and create greater glories!

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