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HGHY Pulp Packaging Evolution For Biodegradable Tableware

HGHY is dedicated to the research and development of 100% biodegradable and food-safe products. We are equipped with high skills and latest technology in pulp packaging to provide you with the best service. We are striving to meet the demand of the market to provide a large number of natural products, including biodegradable tableware, without any added harmful substances to ensure your safety and health. The pulp tray, plates, and other tableware products are not only classic in looks, but ideal for packaging, food conservation and are 100% recyclable. 

 Environmentally Safe Products 

Our Biodegradable tableware products include round plate, oval plate, 3-compartment plate, bowl, lunch box, hamburger cartons, 3-compartment Lunch box for disposable tableware, take-out boxes and so on.

 Biodegradable Materials

Our biodegradable tableware products are made from green natural fiber pulp, such as sugarcane pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp and bamboo pulp, which are annual growth and available for both bleached and unbleached fiber. 

 Classic Features Of Biodegradable Tableware Product 

1.Natural: 100% natural fiber pulp, healthy and sanitary to use. 
2.Non-toxic: no toxic substance or odour is released even in high temperature or in acid/alkali condition;100% food contact safety. 
3.Microwaveable: Safe to be used in microwave, oven and refrigerator.  
4.Biodegradable & Compostable: 100% biodegradable within two months;wastes will decompose into CO₂and water.
5.Water&Hot proof: 248℉/120℃ hot oil-resistant and 212℉/100℃ hot water-resistant.  
6.Quality&Durability: Smoothy and solid; stackable; leak-free; edge-trimming can be omitted for auto lines.


Biodegradable Tableware

There are many biodegradable tableware products to choose from and molds can be customized according to market demand. 

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